Reputation, attractiveness and recognition

Reputation, attractiveness and recognition

By recognising the know-how, the professionals and the local specificity of the Limoges porcelain, the GI on one hand protects the origin of the products and on the other hand, contributes to the economic, cultural, touristic and social development of a territory.

Much more than a mere indication of its source, the GI guarantees origin, enhances production and strengthens its visibility among consumers and professionals.

The porcelain of Limoges is famous all over the world, it is unique by its history, its expertise related to its development, its quality and the evolution it has been given by creativity, the driving element of its fame, to such an extent that the name of Limoges is synonymous with porcelain of distinction.

The GI makes the recognition real.

Delimitation of the geographical area of the Limoges porcelain GI

Mapping of the operating members of the Limoges porcelain GI association in May 2017.

Sources : GeoFla IGN 2014, Sandre EauFrance 2010 - Realisation : May 2017 - S. RIVIERE for the Limoges porcelain GI association
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